Large Dog Indoor Play Area– This is our main hangout here at Schreiber Tails. Pups spend the days running, playing tug of war, and chilling on the cool cement floor! There are couches, dog beds, toys, a tv for comfort (and for the humans to watch while the pups play, of course) and anything else you can think of to make the pups feel right at home!
Small Dog Indoor Play Area– The small dog room is designed to house smaller pups at night, as well as provide a safe space to play throughout the day. There are beds and toys for the pups to relax and enjoy hours of easy play every day!
Large Dog Room– The kennel room is where large dogs usually eat and sleep here at Schreiber Tails. We have 4′ x 6′ kennels to allow plenty of room for the pups to move around, as well as allow multiple pups from the same family to sleep together.

Outdoor Fenced Area– We do have a 10′ x 50′ outdoor area for the pups to go potty and get some fresh air. It is fully fenced, with turf and plenty of shade.

Indoor Dog Park — Our 1,400-sq-ft indoor dog park is used for training and daycare, as well as offered to clients on a membership-basis to ensure a safe and fun play area for all!