Training Services:


We are a positive reinforcement-based training team devoted to helping you and your dog build a relationship of trust and mutual respect! Reach out to see which of our services would be the best fit!



Initial Session (90-minute) – $75

Follow-up Sessions (60-minute) – $50

Includes a personalized training plan and access to digital consulting between sessions.


Group Classes


6-wk Puppy Class – $120

One hour each week for a total of six weeks. This is a great opportunity for puppy socialization (ages 8-20 weeks), covering all the basics of raising a puppy as well as the most important commands that every dog needs to know — Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, and so much more!


6-wk Basic Obedience I – $120

One hour each week for a total of six weeks. For dogs over 20 weeks of age, this positive reinforcement-based obedience class will cover the foundational skills such as Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, loose leash walking and more!


(Ongoing) Basic Obedience II – $20/session

This class is for dogs who have completed either Puppy Class I or Basic Obedience I (or the equivalent). We will expand on the skills taught in the Level 1 classes by meeting in a different location each week (TBA at the beginning of each week) in order to practice with varying distractions.


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Digital Consulting


One Month – $75

Chat with Lauren during regular business hours via text, email, and video messaging. Receive training on your own schedule! Includes personalized training plan.





30-minute Walk – $30

60-minute Walk – $50

Does your pup need to burn off some steam? How about learn some manners to make it easier for you to walk him? Our walk-and-train service is a great way to manage both! Offered as a repeat service only.