Schreiber Tails was born simply as a way for Lauren to hang out with all the dogs without having to own them all! It was launched in July of 2016 as a hobby, but it quickly became evident that this was a MUCH bigger need than we had ever anticipated! With far too many pet parents needing help than we could possibly accommodate in our small home at the time, it became necessary to relocate to a larger home, with more space inside and out.

We are thrilled to be here and to be able to provide an in-home experience for your sweet pups while you are away. We have dealt with everything from puppies to seniors, to anxiety/aggression issues, and we enjoy all ages, sizes, and breeds. Our own dogs (two huskies, two amstaffs, a boxer/lab mix, and a chiweenie) are simply oversized puppies, and they love meeting new friends! Our goal is to send your pup home happy, healthy, and tired! We love spending our time with the animals, and will give your furry family member the same love and attention we give our own!