Pet Healthcare Warranty


In order to provide the best care for your pet, we offer a Healthy Pet Warranty (HPW) program for all boarding and drop-in services. No matter how safe our facility, how extensive our cleaning protocols, or how expertly trained our staff is, we recognize that things happen– even while pets are happily playing in the yard! Our HPW promotes timely veterinary attention rather than placing kennel staff in the difficult position of determining when vet care (and the added expense to you) is needed.


How does it work?


All qualifying boarding and drop-in services will have a $3 per booking (not per night) fee for each pet. In the event that your pet should need veterinary attention, our HPW will cover the expense up to a maximum of $500, with the following exceptions:


  • Pets with chronic, pre-existing conditions or those discovered within the first 24 hours of service are excluded from coverage and will not be charged the HPW fee.


  • Injuries that result from aggression between two pets in the same family lodging together are excluded from coverage.


  • The HPW coverage will extend for 48 hours after departure for kennel related injury or illness treated by one of our vet partners.


  • Qualification for the HPW is at the sole discretion of Schreiber Tails staff and may be changed or revoked at any time.