Here at Schreiber Tails, we support Rescue! Foster pups have always had a special place in our hearts, and we know of SO MANY rescues in need of more fosters. As such, we have designed our Foster a Friend! program to help existing foster parents, as well as to encourage as many as can to become fosters!

So, here’s the deal: Become a foster, and you automatically get 20% off EVERY. SINGLE. BOOKING! for your own pup. Crazy, right?!

What’s even crazier? Try this– if you are fostering a pup and need to go on vacation, to work, etc. we will watch your foster pup for FREE! Sound too good to be true? It’s not! But there are some limitations– see below.

If you are able and willing to become a foster, we urge you to contact your local rescue today (maybe even a few of them!) and see how many pups you can help. If you are wondering where to begin, let us know and we’ll get you in contact with several rescues that we know and love!



*We will need to verify that you are an active foster, and you will need to have fostered a pup sometime in the past 30 days to qualify for the discount.

*Boarding for foster pups will be free for visits up to ONE WEEK in length; after that, the 20% discount will be applied for the remainder of the stay.

*Daycare for foster pups will be offered for free up to 1x weekly; all additional bookings will be 20% off.

*Holidays not included. We retain the right to decline other dates if necessary based on capacity.

*Limit of one foster pup per paid booking. Exceptions may be made for those who do not have a dog/dogs of their own, but are willing to foster.


We hope that this will help to ease some of the concerns that arise when considering fostering, and we are happy to help in any way that we can! For comments/questions, feel free to contact Lauren at (435) 757-5694. Happy Fostering!