Q: Do you board cats and other small animals?

A: The short answer is not at this time, but we do offer drop-in visits! We find that cats have a much harder time adjusting to a new environment, and as they are much lower maintenance than our canine friends, we prefer to keep them comfortable in their own space. As for other animals, we typically discuss with the owner to see what they feel would be best and are usually able to figure something out.

Q: How many dogs do you have at a time? And do they all play together?

A: We have 6 pups of our own, and typically only bring in one other at a time for training. This allows us to spend plenty of one-on-one time with each of the pups throughout the day!

Q: What do I need to bring for my pup’s stay?

A: Just food! We have crates, bowls, blankets, and LOTS of toys already here; additional bedding and toys are welcome, but they will be limited to your pups’ individual space (mainly in their crate at night) so as to keep the other dogs from getting to them and to prevent any squabbles over personal items! NOTE: PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING YOUR PUP’S VACCINATION RECORDS AT DROP-OFF!

Q: Where will my pup sleep?

A: Most of the pups sleep in their individual crates overnight. However, the wonderful thing about in-home boarding is that we can make adjustments as needed for pups who are used to other accommodations! We try to make it as similar to home as possible for your pup, so if they are not crate-trained, or we simply notice that they seem particularly stressed, we do everything we can to make them more comfortable– including bringing them to bed with us! Our comprehensive information sheet is designed to give us all the little details of your pup’s day so that we can truly be a foster family rather than a kennel!

Q: Where will my pup stay while you are away?

A: Let’s be honest– we’re rarely away. This is what Lauren does full-time now, and she loves being a stay-at-home mom to all the babies, furry and not! If ever we are away, it’s only for an hour or two, and again, we are flexible depending on what your pup is accustomed to. If they are crate trained, then that is the safest place for them to be. If they are used to roaming the house, we have the capability to block off portions of the home so that they have more space. We want to get to know your pup almost as well as you do, so GIVE US THE DETAILS and let us know where they will be most comfortable!

Q: What is a meet-n-greet, and is it required?

A: Meet-n-Greets are a great way for you to come see our home and get to know us and the environment that you’ll be leaving your sweet pup in BEFORE the stay! They typically last no more than 30 minutes. During that time, we will have you fill out any necessary documents and give you a chance to ask any questions that you may have, and vice versa! We may even introduce your pup to a few of our own! Of course, we do understand that this is not always possible, and since we have the capability to keep pups separated if needed, a meet-n-greet is not required. Please know, though, that it is HIGHLY encouraged! We know that you wouldn’t leave your pups with just anyone, so take advantage of this opportunity to get to know us!

Q: Does my pet need to be vaccinated?

A: Yes. For the safety and well-being of ALL pets in our care (including our own babies) as well as our staff, all canines will need to be vaccinated for rabies, distemper/parvo, and bordetella; cats will need to be vaccinated for rabies and FVRCP. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but health and safety must be a top priority!

Q: Can I fill out forms ahead of time?

A: Yes! Please visit our Forms page to print our check-in forms before your pup’s stay.

Q: Why is your availability “By Appt. Only”?

A: We believe our time is best spent with your pups; we do not have someone constantly available to answer the door. And in a house full of dogs, you can imagine the chaos that can be presented with unexpected visitors! We prefer to know when to expect visitors so that we can herd the dogs away from the door and prevent anyone from bolting, or simply getting too excited! If you have a last-minute change of plans and need to drop by unexpectedly, simply call or text us at (435) 767-7288 and give us a heads up. We are quite responsive by phone!

Q: What type of training do you focus on?

A: We utilize positive reinforcement methods. We believe that the best relationships between dogs and their handlers are developed through mutual understanding (helping your dog learn how to “get what THEY want while doing what YOU want” so to speak) and by being firm AND humane. Learn to speak your dog’s language and it will be much easier for you to help him/her understand yours!